Diemm: Music to Illuminate


Diemm: Ten Thousand Miracles




Diemm: Music to Illuminate

Ethereal chamber folk. Crystalline vocals, lyrics like arrows. Layers of harp, acoustic bass and tasty percussion. Poetry that tugs you into the liminal place between conscious and subconscious mind. 

To entertain is one thing. To enrich is another. Singer-Songwriter-Harper-Poet Diemm plays for that one note, that one resonant chord that opens a cascade of ‘yes’ inside you.

Diemm’s debut album ‘Ten Thousand Miracles’ features critically acclaimed Canadian folk-roots artist Oliver Swain on acoustic bass, and world percussionist Ben Johnson adds depth with percussion featuring Nigerian udu and jazzy kit with brushes.

Diemm holds hands with the Muse and bows to the power of music to align and illuminate.


 ‘Golden Cloak of Bones‘ was written midwinter, while walking along the icy shore of Kootenay Lake.


Wherever you go, remember your invisible wings.

This album is being funded through generous grant funding from Creative BC and FACTOR Canada.


Diemm (dee-ehm) is the artist name of Dawna McLennan (harp, vocals, songwriting, poetry).

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