DIEMM: Music to Illuminate. Transformative Chamber Folk music & spoken word, with Harp and Lyric Soprano Vocals.

Download PDF: Diemm Music to Illuminate Artist One Sheet Bio: Diemm Artist OneSheet Oct2018



Music and lyrics that hit on various levels of consciousness at once.
Music and poetry that tug gently at the soul.


“When I perform, I open with questions that direct the listener toward self-inquiry. I tell stories. I perform the pieces. I invite engagement and also allow pause for integration. It’s an honour to be the caretaker of these creative pieces.

These songs and poems are my teachers. Creativity opens the door to radical growth and transformation. Music has the power to align all the disparate pieces of us into one ‘aha’ of integration, for the duration of a song, or for longer.”

~ Diemm

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  1. In the sleepy town of Rossland, at the town market I heard a magical sound of the harp along with the beautiful voice of Dawna. The song was ‘Carry me through’ and it stopped me in my tracks, the beauty of the harp, the song and the singer herself was mesmerizing…..absolutely amazing talent, the CD is awesome, Thank you

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