Treehouse MicroConcert


Various dates between June – Oct 2018. Private Location. Tickets and reservations available through Between a Mountain and a High Place. Reserve your seat through this link here:


What is a MicroConcert? Well, the TreeHouse is a tiny house up in the trees. Only twelve people will fit, so twelve people in a treehouse makes a MicroConcert!

Full to the brim with resonance, the Treehouse will be. Come lend your presence and be filled. Some people say the fae live here in these trees. Will you see one?


The Pixie Treehouse is nestled in a shady fir grove, up on ten foot stilts. It’s a dreamy little room with wings on the walls. One little room to create in. Diemm writes her songs and poems here, plays harp, lifts her voice, and imagines the sounds tumbling out through the branches and rolling over the lake to settle at the feet of the mountains.






Harkening to an era before amps, wah-wah pedals, and even electricity, House Concerts are a cross between a concert and a private party.
Before humans could stream perfectly balanced digital mixes from cyberspace right into our homes, we actually got to interact with real musicians playing real instruments right in our homes!


What is a House Concert?
A House Concert is a cozy, casual and intimate musical performance, done in the home of a willing concert host. House Concerts are more interactive than concerts performed in any other type of venue. The artist is right in your living room, answering questions, telling stories, sharing the incomparable vibration of live music. Even getting you and your guests to raise your own voices in song!
Imagine your home, resonating with the transformative sounds of live music. What would that give you? A House Concert with Diemmis a unique way to share a fun evening with friends, old and new.

Is my home big enough?
An average size living room can hold an astonishing variety of people! As for musician space, a soloist only requires about 5 square feet, and a regular plug in the wall.
Performances can be for as few as ten people, up to as many-as-will-fit-into-your-home-before-the-floor-buckles-from-the-weight. Generally, an average living room comfortably accommodates between 15 – 40 happy listeners, without people sitting in each other’s laps. Unless that’s where they want to sit.

Who comes to a house concert?
*** A House Concert is a legally a Private, not Public, event. ***
The venue address should be handed out through private message only, and not be posted in public / social media or posters. You may choose to host only friends, OR can open the door to other local fans. It’s up to you. Clarify with your guests whether they are able to invite guests.

How to get the word out?
Email invites, phone chats, and Facebook Event Pages are excellent ways to invite your guests. Send links to  and to enable your guests to get a sense of the artist they would see at your house.
RSVP’s are useful to give you an idea of how the event is forming. Let your potential guests know how many people can fit in your living room, so they want to reserve their spot ahead of time.

Does it cost anything to host a House Concert?
As host, it doesn’t have to cost you anything.
Generally there is an intermission half way through the concert, at which time guests may become peckish, and could root through your cupboards looking for organic cookies & tea. You may ask your guests to bring potluck nibbles and liquids, or as a host you could stack a few plates with veg & dip and have the kettle hot.

What about door fees, ticket sales, or donations?
We will totally avoid the awkward situation of meeting your friends at the door with your hand out to take their money as they enter your home. House concerts are open to everyone that you invite into your home, regardless of payment, because they’re generally not ticketed events. The host may decide to cover the artist’s fee and offer the concert to her guests free of charge, or she may collect donations. $10 – $20 per guest are average donations.

I want to hire Diemm for my business / private event and not charge donations from our guests. What is the cost?Fees depend on the location, audience size / audio requirements, and duration of entertainment required. Please contact to discuss your vision and negotiate fees for your event.
I’d like to do pre-sales for our House Concert. Can we set up online ticket pre-sales?  Some ticketing platforms allow for hidden-venue ticket sales, so online ticket sales can be accomplished without advertising location publicly. Note that CD’s or other merchandise may also be available for purchase, so extra cash is helpful.

Can I get paid a portion of the door fees as a host?
Hosts are usually keen supporters of live music and the arts. Your walls, floor, and ceiling, and heart will be bathed with the unique vibrations of real, live music. Since House Concerts are non-commercial private events, you don’t stand to profit financially from being a host, unless you designate your home as a commercial space and have event insurance, business permits and so on.

What is my job, as host?
As host, you are offering to be a bridge to connect your network of friends, and their network of friends, to the artist(s).
Your host tasks are: to let your friends know that you are hosting a House Concert, to instruct them as to the general nature of a house concert, to collect RSVPs, and to make sure your friends know timing and location, whether to bring snacks, cash, or lawn chairs.

What actually happens at a House Concert?
The artist(s) would arrive at 5:30 or earlier to set up audio equipment, harp & tune. Guests would arrive for 7pm, and we’d get underway when your guests are well-represented in number. Two 40 – 50 minute sets of harp, vocals & spoken-word poetry with an intermission in the middle to enjoy each other’s presence.

What will be needed?
All the artist needs is a regular wall plug or two, enough lighting to see your shining faces, and a welcoming space full of lovely people. Often House Concert hosts also offer food and a night of accommodation to the artist.


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